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Pain Relief at Home

Avazzia BEST devices work to relieve pain – chronic and acute – without drugs or surgery.  People have used it for chronic back pain; pain associated with sports such as foot, tendon, calf, knee, elbow, and shoulder pain; plantar fasciitis and heel spurs; aches and pain caused by repetitive motion/strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome; pain associated with physical therapy, especially after surgery for knee or hip replacement, and back pain associated with travel or work.

Drug-Free Pain Relief For Your Patients

Healthcare providers use Avazzia BEST devices in their practice with their patients and to treat their own pain because they provide non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive ongoing pain relief that can last for hours and longer.  The devices are FDA cleared and come in prescription and over the counter strength.  They have been shown to reduce the need for drug pain relievers and improve patient’s ability to take part in daily activities.

Heal & Live Pain Free

We have been in this field of stimulation technology (also termed ‘neuromodulation’ and ‘electromedicine’) for over 35+ years in both technology development and in clinical application in both humans and animals.




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